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Christmas pyramid Holy Story, 5-storey, electric by Richard Glässer

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1 Weihnachtspyramide mit 1,3 m Schalterleitung (weiß), 3 Ersatzkerzen
45 x 123 x 45 cm
Richard Glässer GmbH
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)

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Christmas pyramid Holy Story, 5-storey, electrically illuminated and driven, by Richard Glässer from Seiffen in the Ore Mountains

A Christmas pyramid of superlatives is this beautiful imposing pyramid by Richard Glässer from Seiffen. It offers so much worth seeing, that you can always discover something new while looking at it.

Christmas pyramid tells impressively the story of the Holy Family

This Christmas pyramid is like a book. Here the story around the birth of Jesus Christ becomes alive. If one asks nowadays predominantly young people after the reason of the Christmas celebration, one receives the most different answers. Many do not even know the background story, why Christmas is celebrated. This Christmas pyramid illustrates the Christmas story in a unique way. Artfully designed figures recreate the over 2000 year old narrative from the Bible.

5-story Christmas pyramid enchants people

The first thing that stands out about this pyramid is its size. With a height of 123 cm and a width of 45 cm, it even replaces the fir tree in some families and thus forms the centerpiece of Christmas. The electrically illuminated and rotating Christmas pyramid equipped with ten candles fascinates with its light. If the pyramid turns, the large impeller casts ever-changing shadows on the wall and ceiling. Especially children love this interesting light-and shadow play.

Christmas pyramid with noble golden accents

Built is this Christmas pyramid in five floors. Each floor is surrounded by fences on whose pillars golden balls sit. Golden accents are found in many small details again. So the bases of the respective platforms are framed in gold. Gold is also discovered on the large columns of the floors, the arches in the form of small balls and on the impeller, which is printed with golden stars. Decorative is also the golden metal rod in the center. On the first three platforms are palm trees placed in the center, which express the oriental flair.

Each floor of the Christmas pyramid tells a piece of the Christmas story

On the turntables of each floor are distributed the figures of the Christmas story. The lowest floor shows the Magi on their migration to Bethlehem. They carry frankincense, myrrh and gold in their hands, which serve as gifts for the newborn. On their way through the desert they are accompanied by a camel driver with two camels and a shepherd with four sheep. The second platform is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ. The Son of God, born in a stable in Bethlehem, lies in a manger. Mary and Joseph stand reverently beside it. A shepherd with sheep, an ox and a donkey witness the birth. The angel of the Annunciation and two angels singing complete this scene.

Christmas pyramid decorated with artistic miniatures

The third platform shows King Herod with his henchmen looking for the newborn Messiah. He wants to kill Jesus Christ, to remain king. His mercenaries carry daggers and spears. Two shepherds with six sheep make their rounds on the fourth floor. They were the first, to learn of the Savior's birth. Three handmade ringlet trees complete the picture. The last floor belongs to the four angels with their trumpets. So that the whole world may know of the birth of Jesus Christ, they trumpet the joyful news loudly.

Christmas pyramid electrically powered and with high quality musical mechanism

Have you found the perfect place for this impressive Christmas pyramid, you can place the eight carved deer and the four ringed trees on the lowest base. The Christmas pyramid by Richard Glässer is stained in natural tones and only a few figures are stained with darker, lighter or colored accents. In addition to the electric motor, the musical mechanism has also found a place in the lowest pedestal. A small key on the side lets the melody "Silent Night" sound when you carefully wind it. You will receive with this Christmas pyramid a certificate with serial number, which guarantees you the requirements of design,manufacture and quality "Exclusiv Glässer". The Christmas pyramid has a white switch line, with which you connect the pyramid to the power.

With this Christmas pyramid you make yourself and your family a very special gift, in which you will enjoy all your life.
You can find everything about Christmas pyramids and help with problems on our page of Christmas pyramids and in our blog.


product details

product type:
Christmas pyramid
Richard Glässer - pyramids electrically illuminated and driven
Weihnachtspyramide mit Heiliger Geschichte
Christmas , Advent
place of origin:
Kurort Seiffen | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
figure type:
Christmas pyramid
music mechanism:
mechanical music mechanism, 28 voices by Reuge
"Stille Nacht"
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Original Richard Glässer!, Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!
10 x Riffelkerzen 55 V (3 W) E10
number of lights:
220 - 230 V
electric motor
1 Weihnachtspyramide mit 1,3 m Schalterleitung (weiß), 3 Ersatzkerzen
45 x 123 x 45 cm
45,00 cm
123,00 cm
45,00 cm


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