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LED candle arch Seiffen village, 64 cm with interior lighting by Müller Kleinkunst

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1 Schwibbogen
64 x 35 x 12 cm
Müller Kleinkunst
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)

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Schwibbogen Seiffener Dorf, 64 cm with interior lighting: An Erzgebirgisches masterpiece

Experience the traditional craft of the Ore Mountains with the Schwibbogen Seiffener Dorf of Müller Kleinkunst. This impressive 64 cm high work of art, made of natural wood and illuminated with LED (230V 50Hz) inside, brings the magic of Christmas from the picturesque spa town of Seiffen directly into your home. Probably the most popular motif of Erzgebirge folk art is the Seiffen church with the Kurrendefiguren. The baroque round church is the center of many Christmas decorations such as candle arches, pyramids or Advent candlesticks. Usually it is represented in connection with the Kurrende.
The internally illuminated candle arch Seiffen village maintains old traditions

candle arch Seiffen village, natural, electrically illuminated with LED (230V 50Hz), 64 cm from Müller Kleinkunst from the spa town of Seiffen in the Ore Mountains: Detail-loving craftsmanship

With this candle arch of Müller Kleinstkunst from the heart of the Ore Mountains, Christmas becomes an experience. With a stately size of 64 cm, he attracts all eyes on him. On the baseboard are mounted two more levels, on which the Seiffen church with typical buildings of the village are depicted. On the right of the church stands the city hall, on the left the old school building of the toy village. A Kurrendefigur stands in front of each of the houses. Three Kurrendesänger are to be seen on the level somewhat in front. They all have their songbooks open, only the middle singer holds a lantern and the star of Bethlehem firmly in his hands. Kurrendesänger are still an important part of the church service and in Seiffen you can often meet them on Advent weekends on the streets of the village. They bring the good news to all those in the house, who are often a little older or frailer and so can not attend the service.

Atmospheric light magic by interior lighting

The special thing is the lighting of the arc of lights. The magic of the light radiates beside the round arch illumination with seven filament candles also from the small houses and the baroque church. On the skirting board in addition still on the right and on the left two illuminated miner's houses are placed, which are equipped with the characteristic 49 degrees inclined roofs. Between the buildings protrude different large chip trees, which complete the scenery..

Tradition and atmosphere for your home

With the internally illuminated candle arch Seiffen village of Müller Kleinkunst you can experience a piece of Erzgebirge tradition in your own four walls. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this unique folk art and experience year after year anew, as this candle arch at Christmas time your home in an atmospheric atmosphere dips.

Erzgebirge folk art in small format: Schwibbögen the manufacture Müller Kleinkunst

Schwibbögen the manufacture Müller Kleinkunst are quickly recognized by the cloud motif. They are as a special element of the company a protected trademark. A small piece of Erzgebirge returns with this beautiful light arch also in your home.When choosing the location, it may be useful, to purchase a candle arch bench with. If the arch stands as often usual at the window, the bench can significantly improve the visibility of the Schwibbogen.In our online store, these are available in various widths and types of wood.

A piece of Erzgebirge for the world: Use of the Schwibbogen in the USA / North America / Japan with 110 V

The candle arch can be operated with a voltage of 230 V as well as 110 V. Please note that a plug adapter is required to connect this item abroad (Japan / America). The voltage of the light source must also be adjusted. This means that 7 x 10-55 V, 0,2 W LED corrugated candles are required for this arch. These items are available in our store under accessories and lighting. We would also be happy to convert the arch for you in-house and charge a service fee for this, which you can order in our store under item number N-20.


product details

product type:
candle arch | light arch
WEEE Reg.No.:
DE 47118777
Müller - candle arches
Seiffener Dorf
Advent season, Christmas decoration
place of origin:
Kurort Seiffen | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
candle arch type:
candle arch with interior lighting
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Original Müller Kleinkunst!, Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!
12 x LED Riffelkerze Filament 23 V (0,2 W) E10
number of lights:
luminaire color:
warm white
110 - 230 V
1 Schwibbogen
64 x 35 x 12 cm
64,00 cm
35,00 cm
12,00 cm


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